A. News

Homecoming Night Rally

Posted on 07 November 2013

Night Rally By Lynette Soto Kimball High’s Homecoming night rally occurred on Oct. 10,2013, at the Don Nicholson Stadium at 7:30pm. There were sections of chairs set up with background themes on the field. The seniors did a big entrance before the rally got started , and everyone was seated  in different sections of the […]

B. Opinion

Changing Kimball’s Cellphone Policy

Posted on 28 March 2013

by Nicole Pliska As technology gets more advanced, more people have been getting cellphones. At this generation, most likely everyone has a cellphone since it is a way of communicating with your friends through calling, texting, and social media. Kimball High School doesn’t allow students to use cellphones during school hours, or else it will […]

C. Features

Fall Fashion

Posted on 16 December 2013

By Raihan Saleh Summer has faded and the chill is starting to set in. Young men and women are finding ways to get excited about the impending cold, and of course fashion is something they focus on. Fall is a time to embrace being comfy and layering up, while also being stylish. Fall 2013 has […]

D. Sports

Powder Puff 2013-2014

Posted on 07 November 2013

By Morgan Fauchier At the powder puff game on Tuesday, Oct. 8th, powder puff cheerleader Tyler Mclaughin was dropped by other cheerleaders at the half time dance, the senior girls won the game 22-18, and the crowd enjoyed the refreshing change of roles by the participants. Tyler Mclaughin, a junior at Kimball high school, was […]

E. Lifestyle & Entertainment

Senior Year

Posted on 16 December 2013

By Haleina Burkhart                 Seniors- this is their last year.  The class of 2014 has worked very hard to get where they are right now.  This is the first class that has been here all four years, and has accomplished a lot at John C. Kimball High School.  […]